Grandchildren's Delight

This Grammy-nominated CD is full of best-loved songs from the “good old days”. Also a 2008 Parent’s Choice Winner, this CD offers as heaping helping of family fun tunes on guitar, dulcimer and homemade instruments such as washboard, spoons and jaw harp!

Bring out your favorite instruments and play or song along!



01.   This Little Light of Mine
02. Do Your Ears Hang Low?
03. Liza Jane
04. Oh Susannah
05. This Land Is Your Land
06. Grand Old Flag
07. Akin Drum
08. Playmate
09. Jadda / Three Little Fishies
10. You Are My Sunshine
11. Angels Watching Over Me
12. Down By The Riverside
13. Over In The Meadow
14. La Cucaracha
15. Be Kind To Your Web Footed Friends


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