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Called “an ambassador of song”, by US newspapers, Daria has traveled around the world to create music that uplifts and empowers. A 2008 and 2007 “Parent’s Choice“ winner, all of Daria’s CD’s are currently being played around the globe from Australia, to South Africa, to Europe and South America as well as across the US in homes, preschools, schools and on several Native American Reservations. Says the Christian Science Monitor: “When Daria Marmaluk-Hajioannou makes music, the world listens — literally! ”


In concert, Daria shares a wonderful mixture of favorite songs from American and world folk music traditions. She introduces unique authentic instruments and allows the audience to take part in playing them – from Buffalo and Pueblo drums to shékeres, cajón, washboard, guiros, handbells, doumbek, chapchas and much more. During the show she presents songs in a variety of languages; including English, Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew, Zulu, German, Quechua Indian and Oneida (Iroquois) and includes best-loved songs such as La Bamba and “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”. Her live performances are popular at major art centers, festivals, venues, schools and other locations. In addition to her live concerts, Daria also offers workshops, residencies and community workshops for exploring these exciting and diverse musical traditions.

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Daria has recorded and released four children’s music CD’s – Grandchildren's Delight, Beautiful Rainbow World, I Have A Dream and Jadda, Jadda, Jing, Jing Jing!. These four cd’s all share a vision of a world of dignity and respect for all peoples. Enthusiastically reviewed by press, children and parents alike; songs from these albums have been featured on XM Radio, Direct TV, World Wide Community Radio, Playhouse Radio, Kids Corner and the Songsforteaching.com website.

Daria was selected as the only female teaching artist for the STOMP/PULSE tour in 2004 and she represented the USA in World Expo in Seville, Spain 1992. Recently, she received a 2007 Pennsylvania Council On The Arts Arts Commentary Award and a citation for her contribution to education in the state of Pennsylvania. With a passionate interest in music and community-building, Daria holds a degree in ethnomusicology and is active in Education, Special Education, Native American, Peace and Children’s issues. Daria lives with her family on a farm outside of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (United States).

CONTACT: (610) 346-9087


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